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Nissan Dualis

Kuhusu gari aina ya Nissan Dualis

Nissan Dualis or Nissan Qashqai is a compact crossover SUV that was produced in 2006.

In the first generation, this version was sold under the name of Nissan Dualis in the Japanese and Australian markets and Nissan Qashqai in other markets around the world.

In the second generation (second generation) this version continued to be produced under the name Nissan Qashqai in all markets in the world except the United States where it was sold under the name Nissan Rogue Sport.
Basically, the mother name of Nissan Dualis versions is Nissan Qashqai, which means from the second generation, these versions did not continue with the name of Nissan Dualis.

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Until now the versions of Nissan Qashqai have three generations which are
The first generation (First Generation J10 2006–2013) which was also known as Nissan Dualis. Versions with the name Nissan Dualis ended in 2013 and in the Japanese market, the gap was filled by the Nissan Juke and the third-generation X-Trail.


The second generation (Second Generation J11 2013-) which is also known in the United States as the Nissan Rogue Sport. It is in this generation that in 2014 the Nissan Qashqai won the UK Car of the Year award.

Third Generation (Third Generation J12 18 February 2021-)
According to the Nissan company, in the first generation they decided to sell this version under the Dualis name in Australia because they feared that Australians would be unable to pronounce the name Qashqai and instead would say “Cash Cow”.

Now, let’s go to the Engine
In terms of Engine, all versions named Nissan Dualis have 2.0L Engines and have 2WD or 4WD depending on your choice. In terms of fuel consumption, if the road is straight and there are no queues here and there, then you can go 12-14.2 km per liter. However, these versions were discontinued on 31 March 2014 and the company continued to produce the second generation under the name of Nissan Qashqai and in the United States Nissan Rogue Sport versions that are not aimed at the Japanese market.

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In terms of space;
Nissan Dualis has enough space as it has 5 seats, 5 doors, a large storage space that can be increased by folding the rear seats, enough cupholders and other storage spaces for documents and small items.

In terms of speed;
Nissan Dualis has a speed of up to 180 km/h

In terms of security technologies;
Many versions of Nissan Dualis have ABS, brake assist, EBD, SRS Airbags, VDC etc

In terms of spare parts and specialists;
Its spare parts are available in a few stores and their costs are high, but it is very stable, also if you decide to buy this car, then try to service it on time and follow the manufacturer’s terms, ie Nissan, so look for a garage that is not random.

Nissan Dualis

2011 Nissan Dualis

In terms of price;
You can import a Nissan Dualis from Japan with a budget starting at 18 million Tanzania shillings . The first editions in 2006-2008 have lower prices compared to 2011-2013.

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Soma Maoni Kuhusu Nissan Duals Hapa.