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Ifahamu Toyota Raum

Ifahamu Toyota Raum  –  Welcome to the series of articles related to cars, Today we will talk about Toyota Raum.

On the 5th of 1997, the Toyota car manufacturing company introduced a new version of the car named Toyota Raum which was the result of a good work led by engineer Tetsuya Tada. Raum is a German neon meaning space, so the Toyota company brought this version to give their customers a car with enough space for various uses.

Some people put this version in the Hatchback group while others put it in the Station Wagon group, but the Toyota company put this version in the MPV group i.e. Multi-Purpose Vehicle.


In 2003, the Toyota Raum (second generation) won the award for the best designed car, which is given to car manufacturers in Japan.

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Until now Toyota Raum has two generations ie
First Generation (1997-2003) and Second Generation (2003-2011)

Ifahamu Bei  , Engine , Matumizi ya Mafuta

Now let’s go to Engine
In terms of Engine First Generation came with 1.5 L 5E-FE engine which Transmission is 4-speed automatic, and Second Generation came with 1.5 L 1NZ-FE VVT-I Engine which Transmission is 4-speed automatic (Super- ECT) ie Electronically Controlled Transmission. In terms of fuel consumption, if there is no error in the engine, Toyota Raum uses 1 liter to go up to 16 km.

Toyota Raum

In terms of space
As we have seen, even the name of the car means space, so it is a car with enough space for normal use with 5 seats, 5 doors, the car also has enough storage space (boot) which can be increased by reducing 3 passenger seats.

The maximum speed of Toyota Raum is 180 km/h
In terms of security systems
Toyota Raum has Anti-Lock Braking system, Traction Control, Airbag and other systems that make the car safer.


Spare Parts and Specialists:

Since this version is very popular especially in our country, the availability of its spare parts is also easy in many places in the country, attention should be paid to the specialist you choose, it is also better to consider the service schedule to increase the life of your car.

In terms of price, you can import Toyota Raum from Japan to Tanzania at a rate starting at 10.5 million or above depending on the version you need.

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