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wamwiduka band

Wamwiduka Band

Wamwiduka Band is a Tanzania uplifting and vibrant traditional music band that mixes with urban music, this band was formed in Mbeya region in 2012 where is found in southern highlands of Tanzania, Africa.
The origin of the word Wamwiduka is derived from the Safwa ethnic community from the Mbeya region, which means Wadukani (Shop products).

The music played by the band is called ‘’Babatone music’’ which has become very popular in many eastern countries of Africa includes Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and even in southern east of Africa especially in Malawi.

The instruments they use are made with homemade tools which include the self-made four-string guitar, Drums, percussion, and base that creates a traditional banjo sound.
The line-up of the Wamwiduka Band and the instruments they play are Brown Isaya (Writer, lead guitar and vocals), Adriano Wilson (vocals /Drums), Zakaria Michael (bass/Babatoni), and Peter Mashaka (Percussion, Vocals).

This Nomadic band is rapidly gaining popularity around Dar es Salaam (The capital city of Tanzania) and they started to get invitations of performing on big festival stages starting in 2015 as shown below;


20th July 2015, University of Dar es salaam- 9th ETHNO MUSICOLOGY SYMPOSIUM.

7th -10th February 2019, Ngome Kongwe, Zanzibar-SAUTI ZA BUSARA.

23rd -25th August 2019, Malaika Beach,Dar es salaam, Tanzania-ONGALA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

30th August 2020 , Nafasi Art Space, Dar es salaam, Tanzania – Live Session for “MIDEM AFRICAN FORUM” – Spotlight on East Africa.

7th -10th, December,2020, Bagamoyo, Tanzania – ONGALA MUSIC FESTIVAL

26th December 2021, Tanzania National Stadium, Dar es salaam, Tanzania – SERENGETI FESTIVAL

28th -30th ,October 2021, Bagamoyo, Tanzania – Bagamoyo Festival.

27th-November 2021, Johannesburg, South Africa – ACCES MUSIC IN AFRICA CONFERENCE

4th-December 2021,Dar es salaam, Tanzania – KOMAA CONCERT.

11st-December 2021,Dar es salaam. Tanzania – SAUTI MPYA FESTIVAL

11st -13rd December 2022, Ngome Kongwe, Zanzibar – SAUTI ZA BUSARA FESTIVAL

26th-November 2022, Dar es salaam, Tanzania – ACCES MUSIC IN AFRICA CONFERENCE
in 2018 the Wamwiduka Band has managed to record a mixtape of 16 songs and it was named ”Wamwiduka Band Mixtape” and among of their major hits songs are included ‘‘Niwewe, ‘‘and ‘‘Kilingeni” which is famous on the street from lyrics that state ‘‘Nahonga pakubwa nakula padogo’’ which meant amount of money that a man bribes to her woman a alot compared to what they get in return.

In social media the Wamwiduka Band has much influence since they have more than 15,000 followers on Instagram, 40,000 followers on Tiktok and more than 2,000,000 total viewers on their YouTube channel.
Wamwiduka Band are always being most influential on the street from the songs they perform on the stages that catch feelings and inspire the community with close harmonies and their disheveled elegance, they blend traditional music that sounds fresh and excitingly which right from the start will make you smile and dance.

Credit to: https://www.musicinafrica.net

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