5 Party DJ Mixes to Unwind This Week #FreeMixes

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5 Party DJ Mixes to Unwind This Week

The weekend is here! We consider this weekend special because it is the beginning of the ember months.
As always, and because we’d love to cater to your music needs, we have carefully curated mixes we think would
make your weekend extra special. There’s nothing as amazing as going into a new month with a little more
excitement, and what better way to trigger it than music? We have just something to match every vibe.
Party DJ Mixes to Unwind This Weekend:

1: Best of Mercy Masika | Gospel Mix: Top of the list is this mix featuring the best of Mercy Masika. The hit
songs you need to usher you into the weekend. Check it out here. ?

2: Best of Caroline Akinyi | Gospel Mix: This gospel mix promises to spice up your weekend. Check it out
here. ? https://mdundo.com/song/2025978

3: Madilu System Exclusive | Rhumba Mix: What better way to add some more flavour to your weekend than a
Rhumba mix? Don’t dull! Check this one out here.?

4: Rhumba Zilizopendwa ft Koffi, Olomide: Just when you’re wishing the weekend would come already, this
vibe is guaranteed to put you in the mood. Check it out below. ?

5: Rhumba Mix ft Samba Mapangala, Tony Nyadundo: Thank God it’s Friday! This mix welcomes you to the
long-awaited weekend. Check it out here. ?

The amazing thing is that you can download these mixes for free this Friday, courtesy of Mdundo.com.
And finally, you can subscribe and get unlimited DJ Mixes on Mdundo.com here:
Wishing you a great weekend.