Top 3 Record Label DJ Mixes to Download on Mdundo

Top 3 Record Label DJ

Top 3 Record Label DJ Mixes

The internet has made it easy to share songs with listeners all worldwide.

Why is there still a need for the distribution intermediary: can’t the artist, you know, “do it themselves”? That’s not really the case. Record distributors still play a key role in the recording chain, taking on three core responsibilities:

  • Distribution Strategy: this is about getting the artist’s music out there
  • Royalties Allocation: passing down recording royalties back to rights owners.
  • Trade Marketing: This can involve promotional activities like playlisting, etc.

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At Mdundo, we call these people – Content Providers/Record Labels; they are the ones that ensure we get all catalogues of songs we use to curate new DJ  Mixes every day. Hence, we have curated DJ Mixes from the top 3 Record Labels for you to check out:

  • Kings Music Mix: You can get the best refreshing songs from this record label. More refreshingly they are sampled and smoothly mixed into this DJ Mix. Check out a mix of records from the superstars below –


  • Tamasha Records Mix: The best Zilizopendwa music are found in Tamasha. You can enjoy sweet and sensational DJ Mixes that have Franco, Tabuley, Simba Wanyika, Bert Kaempfert, Roger Whitaker and many more. Download right away here –


  • Black Market Records Mix: They’ve been at the forefront of delivering quality & utmost value in entertainment. Enjoy listening to Von Prince, Branic Benzie, Chan Chan, Thee Exit Band, Odi Wa Muranga and many more.

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