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Subaru Forester Review

Kuhusu gari aina ya Subaru Forester

The Subaru company, which was originally known as Fuji Heavy Industries, by 2017 was number 21 in the largest car manufacturing companies in the world. As of 2020, Toyota owned a 20 percent stake in Subaru.

Among the Subaru versions most loved by Tanzanians is the Subaru Forester, which was released in 1997.

So far Subaru Forester has five generations.
First generation (SF; 1997-2002),
Second generation (SG; 2002-2008),
Third generation (SH; 2009-2013),
Fourth generation (SJ; 2014-2018)
Fifth generation (SK; 2019-)

In each generation there are different versions so in this video, we will analyze them in general.

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Now let’s go to Engine;
Many versions in the generations of Subaru Forester use 2.0 L (CC 2000) and 2.5L (CC 2500) Engines where some use Petrol and others use Diesel. Many users complain that the old versions with 2.5L engines use too much oil. Average fuel consumption is 11-16 km per 1 liter depending on the version you choose.

Also, all versions use the AWD system where the engine drives all 4 wheels from the start of the journey, making the car very powerful and capable of handling various types of roads in any season.

There are also versions with a turbo which makes the car more powerful and faster but the fuel consumption is also high.


If you live in the city and your cycles are in the city, you may not be very happy with the Subaru Forester as a user who makes long trips frequently, this is due to the power, speed and stability on the road, things that you will enjoy more if you are going on a long trip to a place without queues.

In terms of spare parts and specialists
Currently, its spare parts are available in many parts of the country, but its price is a little higher compared to the offerings of companies like Toyota, and this is the reason why almost all its spare parts are Original.

Repair specialists are also available, but Yinga Media advises you to find a reliable specialist with modern equipment for the safety of your car.

Speed ??of the car
In terms of speed, it depends on your choice, but there are versions with speeds up to 240 km/h

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Car space and storage
All versions of the Subaru Forester have 5 doors, 5 seats, a large storage area (boot) that can be increased by placing the passenger seats in case you have a lot of luggage. There are also enough cup holders and places to store things on the dashboard.

Technology and Security
If you are lucky enough to buy the latest versions, you will enjoy safety systems like ABS, Curtain Airbags, Electronic Stability Control, Pre-Crash Safety System, Radar Cruise Control, SRS Airbags, Subaru EyeSight, VDC etc.

Subaru Forester

If you need to import a Subaru Forester from Japan to your hands, you should have an amount starting from 22 Million Tanzania Shillings and continuing because its tax has increased slightly compared to previous years. (you can guess the price below this but it’s difficult at the moment)

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Competitors of Subaru Forester in the market are Nissan X-Trail, Honda CRV, Toyota Rav-4, Mazda CX-5, Suzuki Vitara and Nissan Dualis.

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