Diamond Platnumz na Zuchu Wanavyojiachia Paris Bila Woga

Diamond Platnumz na Zuchu

Diamond Platnumz na Zuchu Wanavyojiachia Paris Bila Woga

After there were rumors for a long time that WCB boss Diamond Platnumz is in a deep romance with a female singer from the label Zuchu, the two have decided to come out of hiding and make things public.

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It has been a long time since it was reported that the two are in a serious relationship, although they themselves did not want to make it obvious that they are dating other than showing a few indicators that any intelligent person would know that fact.


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It seems clear that patriotism has defeated Diamond and decided to reveal the love he has for the number one artist in terms of women, where Diamond has posted videos letting himself go and eating duck with his girlfriend while in Paris, France.

It’s like Diamond has decided to take a vacation after the hard work of doing his EP tour in Europe and he thought it’s not good to fly alone so he decided to drag his girlfriend who in the video showed them hanging around duck parts. Below are some pictures from the videos that Diamond posted.