6 Top Class Rayvanny Songs to Impress Your Crush 2022

Top Class Rayvanny Songs

Top Class Rayvanny Songs to Impress Your Crush 2022

Scared that your crush might not be impressed by you or your music taste? Learn how to capture the heart and soul of your crush with spectacular music from Rayvanny, Tanzania’s love song guru, through his famous ever-releases. These songs highlight the lyrical ability of Rayvanny to leave his audience wanting more and feeling emotional, let alone in love. 

Improve your love life with some of the hottest hits within your reach. Find out which of these 6 hottest songs can magically and effectively help that potential love swing to your favour by engaging in this article till the very end. 


Many of us feel that words aren’t enough when we gather the courage to speak to our crush. We contemplate how to go about this move feeling scared, forgetting that music binds everyone together. 


Here are the top 6 songs from Rayvanny you can use to impress your crush:

  • Falling In Love (ft. Nadia Mukami)

The song is about two destined individuals who are ready to give their all for their relationship to work. Straight from the Flower II album, Rayvanny makes our hearts melt by featuring Kenya’s Nadia Mukami to help us understand both sides of the crushing and falling-in-love scenarios.

Whether it is on Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversaries, or just a special occasion you feel you want to ask this girl out or just to convey your feelings, then this song should be your top priority!

Top Class Rayvanny Songs

  • Te Quiero (ft. Marioo)

A song that simply means ‘I Love You’, makes you be in your feels. The song implores how this girl makes the guy confused by the way she dresses, her perfume fragrance being mesmerizing and her in general which in turn makes him start having feelings and thus falling in love with her.

The lyrics:

Honey nakupendaga, te quiero

I love you, te quiero

Te Amo, te Amo, te quiero

Te -, te quiero…’’

These lyrics show how in love Rayvanny is and thus can reflect anyone wishing to express their love through this song.

  1. Tetema (ft. Diamond Platnumz)

This song might not be that slow compared to the previous two songs. With Diamond as a feature, you feel that this song is surely a hyper one. The song radiates high and positive energy all through and might even give you the confidence to show your crush some dance moves. This song is surely a sign to ask your crush out after impressing her with this choice of song.


  1. Number One (ft. Zuchu)

The song echoes that love at first sight we all experience at one point in our lives. With this song, you will feel the chills on how love is scary, yet amazing once we feel wanted. Rayvanny and Zuchu complement each other in this song.  Number One shows the priority one puts on the other if one wants to work things out in the long run. 

Confess your feelings to your crush or you can as well impress her with your love songs that improve your love communication. Don’t be a boring person, reach out to the stars and tell her how you feel by showing her that she matters and that she is your top priority.


  1. Happy Birthday

We are used to cliché birthday songs ever since we were born. However,  Rayvanny takes the stage a bit higher with this well-composed song. It is a birthday song that represents the culture and amazingness of celebrating one’s birthday.

Impress your crush when you dedicate this song to her and strengthen that bond even more than you thought. How great will it be if you are the only one unique when her birthday comes, and she feels appreciated even more through this song? 

Rayvany happy birthday

  1. Gimmidat

The song shows how to make someone build that confidence even though they somehow do not believe in themselves. In Rayvanny’s case, he is talking to this special girl he is in love with and assures her that despite all the shortcomings and low esteem issues she has, she will be fine if she believes in herself.

The song is a perfect way to capture the attention of your crush and impress her that you care for her even when she doesn’t seem to notice that.

Rayvany songs

We can all agree that Rayvanny is impactful in his work and his songs are a life hack to most of us who are struggling with esteem and relationship issues. Standout from the crowd as the moment you utilize these songs, you will have impressed your crush with little to no effort. You can get these songs freely available on Boomplay.


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